Commercial Snow Removal Dashboard

Commercial Snow Removal Dashboard

Access to your own premium weather dashboard.  Hour by hour forecasts.  Certified Snow Totals.  Direct access to trained forecasters.  By staying ahead of the snow storms this year and keeping your clients posted, you will also stay well ahead of your competition.

$10.50 (tax)
Total: $160.50

Published by WeatherConcierge

Jason has been forecasting weather for over 30 years. Over the past several years, he realized the power and promise that social media holds for atmospheric scientists and broadcast meteorologists – power to follow and connect over their passion, and share knowledge to keep people informed, safe and entertained. The rapid growth of his own Facebook forecast page led Jason to co-create My Weather Concierge®, a first-its-kind app that puts the power elite forecasters to anyone’s hands –offering personalized forecasts for any and all occasions. Jason has shared his weather wisdom on The Weather Channel’s “Weather Gone Viral” and SIRIUS SM radio. He remains active as a winter weather expert and a Long Range Forecasting Analyst as he developed the mobile app- My Weather Concierge®.

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